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Tamiya -U.S. Ford Mutt w/M416 Trailer - CA230 (35130)
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Product Scale : 1/35
Chassis Type : Assembly Model
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 Back in early 1957, a familiar looking small vehicle was seen to be running over the Aberdeen, Maryland proving ground. It turned out to be the Ford M151 MUTT, a replacement vehicle for the well known M38A1 "Jeep". The MUTT looked very much like it older brother. Both were small, compact, rugged, simple to operated and maintain; however, the M151 incorporated all of the latest advanced features, such as a newly developed OHV engine, light semi-monocoque body and 4 wheel independent suspension system. These features allowed it to outpoint all other submitted replacement vehicles for the ageing jeep. Development work on this vehicle started at the beginning of 1953 by the Ford Motor Company and the U.S. Army, and it was officially adopted as the replacement vehicle in July 1957. Kaiser Industries and the American Motor Company were licensed to produce the vehicle and they delivered approximately 10,000 units annually to the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. It was shortly adopted by the other nations of the free world as a replacement for their own light utility vehicles. Some of the advancd features incorporated in the M151 caused some initial problems, such as the strength of the rear suspension system, but these and other minor problems were corrected during the 1964-70 time period. The M151A2, currently in service, has added safety features such as a stiffer rear suspension, large blinker lamps, a two step windshield wiper, safety glass and an impact absorbing steering wheel. Because of its extreme versatility, the basic M151 can be altered to a combat amublance; radio communications vehicle, TOW missile launcer, and the Viet Nam conflict proved it was a true go anywhere combat weapon. Add to this the hauling capability of the matched M416 cargo trailer and you have a tremendous resupply vehicle combination. Furnished to combat units at one trailer to three 1/4 ton vehicles, the trailer is utilized to carry fuel and rations to the combat troops on the front lines and came into being at the same time as the M151. With a light weight of 260kg, and a load hauling capacity of 1/4 ton, the combination is easily air transportable, launched and recovered. The life span of the trailer greatly exceeds that of the motorized vehicle, because they are so simply constructed. Many can be found at civilian surplus depots, and seen on roads and highways going to and from the wilderness areas carrying the camping gear and food for an extended stay in the wilds. A military scene without a 1/4 ton trailer in view would be a rare scene indeed.


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