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Tamiya -Spray-Work Painting Stand Set (74522)
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 The Spray-Work Painting Stand Set makes airbrushing and spray painting so easy!

A multipurpose painting stand set with 2 easy to use stands. Both stands can be adjusted and used for a wide range of sized and shaped pieces. The 16cm diameter turntable has different sized holes to affix various parts to the stand. Parts can be painted easily while still on the sprue or can be affixed to something like a pencil or chopstick inserted into the larger holes. Comes with 4 spring clips. Fixing a model body to the stand from the inside, the body stand is perfect for spray painting1/24 scale cars. The width of clips can also be adjusted to obtain the most stable hold.

Can be used with Tamiya's Painting Booth

Both body and turntable stands can be used with Tamiya's separately sold Painting Booth. By using these items, you can make your painting sessions not only easier by leaving your hands free, but also safer.

Basic Specifications

  • Comes with 4 spring clips.
  • Size perfectly adapted for use with painting booth.


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