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Tamiya - 1/24 Enzo Ferrari Yellow Parts Panel (21215)
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Product Scale : 1/24
Colour : 1 Available
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About the Enzo Ferrari
This Ferrari, with its extremely powerful V12 engine, was designed using F1 technology. It features a stylish carbon-fiber race-spec aerodynamic body, coming with Carbon fiber-reinforced Silicon Carbide (C/SiC) ceramic composite disc brakes, and an F1 gearbox which handles the amazing power this machine pumps out.

Parts Panel Collection
These gorgeous display parts panels feature precision-made scale model parts which are each meticulously painted and then carefully mounted to showcase the machine's mechanical allure. A Tamiya logo sticker is engraved onto the side of the high-quality frame and an aluminum name plate provides an additional stylish touch, making them perfect for adoring the home or workplace.
Each panel is carefully hand-crafted.
Meticulously painted scale model parts can be easily seen through its acrylic cover.
High-quality wooden frame features same precision, similar to that of an art piece.
A Tamiya logo is pressed into the center of the embossed mat.
Pre-attached string for mounting on the wall.

High Quality Wooden Frame
A metal Tamiya logo sticker is engraved on the side of the high-quality frame.

Aluminum Name Plate
A Tamiya logo is pressed onto the center of the embossed mat, and a photo-etched aluminum name plate is attached.

Individually Numbered Sticker
Individually numbered sticker is applied on the back of the panel.

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