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Tamiya Paints

Tamiya hobby paints are known all over the world as the best in quality. Each spray can or bottle is specifically formulated with the greatest finish in mind. Whether you're canvas is radio control polycarbonate body shells or styrene plastic models, we've got you covered with the perfect paint.
With our rainbow of colors, you're sure to get the look/effect you are after. To help get the paint where you need it, combine our paints and finishing supplies for the best possible results. To get the perfect lines, mask off your project with Tamiya masking tapes. 
PS Sprays
Tamiya PS Sprays are designed to be used on Lexan/Polycarbonate R/C Body shells. The flexibility of PS Sprays allows the polycarbonate to flex without the paint cracking or scratching. PS Sprays are generally sprayed on the inside of a body shell so the color stays intact during impacts. For best results when painting a car body with multiple colors, spray dark colors first and light colors last. Metallic colors should be backed up with a silver final coat. Translucent colors can be backed up with like colors or metallics for different effects. Experiment with scraps of Lexan to see what will work best for your project.

TS Sprays
Tamiya TS Sprays are designed for plastic models or ABS hard plastic body shells for R/C vehicles. When used in conjunction with our finishing supplies and primers, you can get that showroom shine or weathered, aged look.
TS sprays are made of a synthetic acrylic lacquer formula. This formula offers the hardest cured paint surface available in the hobby industry. They dry to the touch within 10-15 minutes and fully cure allowing a second coat after one hour TS spray paints are available in gloss, flat and metallic colors. Tamiya also offers a clear coat to make metallic colors more brilliant, a flat dull coat for blending oil washes and dry brushed effects that are used in military model making.

AS Sprays
Tamiya AS Spray paint, much like our TS Sprays, are meant for plastic models. They are the perfect match for aircraft modeling. The colors in the AS series were created to match common colors used for WWII and modern military aircraft.AS Sprays also work well for certain R/C airplane modeling that uses foam. When using AS colors for foam airplanes make sure to test it first on a scrap piece of foam for compatibility.

10 & 20ml Acrylic Paints
Tamiya Acrylic bottled paints can be applied with a brush or airbrushed. Tamiya Acrylics may be mixed to achieve different color combinations. They are available in both gloss and flat finishes. X color codes are gloss finish and XF color codes are flat finishes. By using Tamiya "flat base" (X-21) additive, a modeler can convert a color that is only available in gloss into a flat. Tamiya acrylic paints are perfect for airbrushing since minimal thinning is required. Tamiya acrylic paints can be thinned using our acrylic thinner or our lacquer thinner. Expert modelers, who use our paints on a regular basis, have discovered a harder paint shell is achieved when using our Tamiya lacquer thinner with our acrylics for airbrushing
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